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It’s being a long time. Since i left Hyderabad i haven’t wrote any blog.

I am in Surat right now and working as a lecturer in Bhagwan Mahavir Polytechnic college. I had been disqualified in the GATE-2011. And since then i am working as a lecturer in this college. Again I am going to give the GATE-2012 exam. I thought if i would be in touch with teaching field it will be good for me.

But i found that by joining the academic, not only kept me in touch with the subjects, but also give me the friends family. In my staff we are 10 faculties and a lab assistant. See nobody have the same size fingers in the hand but still except some, we always find ourselves to be in family. During the exam time and the time when we are free,we always use to make something to eat together like bhel, pani-puri etc..

I now feel that i am leaving the college life. I am the 2nd last junior in my department but i haven’t found myself  to be as a junior. That’s why i have given the title as Family. Family of Friends!!!


Hey everyone!!!

In earlier era,like in the era of Mahabharata and Ramayana,there is a much importance of the “GURUs”.

Those people believe that “Gurur Brahma,Gurur Vishnu,Gurur Devo Maheswara..” Even the Lord Vishnu,when he too k the different avtars,he had the Guru.Guru is beyond even the God.

I didn’t find this kind of respect anywhere until i came to Hyderabad. The people in Hyderabad are also of same kind that you find in Mahabharata serial. The people here are so restricted to give the respect their Gurus.Infect, they believe that the from whom you can learn a bit of knowledge is your Guru,weather he is elder than you or younger than you that doesn’t matter.

I have seen so many people here to follow this.One day i went to the GYM. At there i met the trainer. He is almost 28-30 years old. But the people came there, go into the Gym after touching the feet of the trainer to give the respect the trainer. I was very much surprised on seeing that. I don’t know how these people are!!! And you won’t believe, i saw a man of age, i think of,40-45 years old,came to Gym and after changing the clothes he first went to the trainer to do “Pranaam”.He touched his feet and then started to do the exercise.

The people of Hyderabad are also much sensitive. I think you may know that the fight is going on to separate the Telangana and the people of Telangana are demanding the Hyderabad to be the capital of Telangana. Now,see what this people do to get the Hyderabad,many of the people(most of the students) commit the suicide to get the Telangana. What is the necessity of doing suicide?? I don’ t think that they don’t love there lives,but the thing in there mind is only that,if you don’t give the Telangana we’ll commit the suicied..What is this yaar??? I mean,the God hasn’t sent you here to do the suicide..

This people are really crazy..One side they believe in the”Gurur Brahma..”slok and on side they are doing this such silly things..

Help me out friends!!!

Helloo!! everyone..

In my collage, at the last days, all the students use to give there slam books as a remembrances to the classmates. I had also given it to my colleagues to fill it . Many of my colleagues wrote the same thing about me that, control your anger. I feel it true today.

Yesterday I had a lecture of signal systems, a very very important lecture and with a very good faculty also. Faculty name is Mr. Narsimham, he is M.Tech. from IISc Bangalore. The signal is one of my favourite subject. But yesterday I don’t know why I didn’t get the answers of the problems(numericals). I was sick also yesterday, not much, only headache and stomachache is there. I didn’t want to go but as it was signal’s lecture I went. In between, one boy came and sat beside me, he was late actually and as there was no space in the class he sat beside me(one space at my bench only). He was extremely stinking. I don’t know even he showered or not. Even when he was breathing stinking smell coming out. And because of that I had to sit at 45 degree away from him.

I got angry enough that I left the class in the 20 minutes break. I have a very good friend called Harshit from Ahmadabad, tried hard to stop me but I didn’t. I even cannot concentrate because of that stink smell.

First problem is I didn’t get the answers, second I was sick and the third that useless fellow sat beside me, among this only one thing is enough to brake anyone’s concentration, how could I bear these three cumulated things.

Even today I am not talking much because of my mind that is surrounded by lots of anger. You want believe I scolded one beggar also yesterday.

I don’t know how to manage this thing. I am also doing the “Pranayama” for the piece of my mind, though I am not getting the results.



After a long time…with a new thinking…

What is freedom means to someone??? I m not talking about our national freedom.. I m talking about the freedom of a person.

What is freedom to girls especially??

This  is a practical era.. today girls are far forward and practical and mature than boys..still they are using the sentence,”you are the have all the rights to do anything…”

I don’t come to understand what they mean to have freedom???  Today allmost all the parents allow there daughters to wear western,allow them to go anywhere,allow them to study as much they want,allow them to marry the person they want..after thes all things thet use to say,””we are girls, we don’t have the freedom..””

But in somewhere there is no much space for daughters. One of my friend has completed her graduation and doing a job as lecturer. But even after she has no rights to take the decision on her own..

I m not writing this for my friend only..this is a genaral thought.. one should not do this whatever the intention is.. one’s parents might be thinking that my child should not face any trouble..but at there they forget that,if they wouldn’t allow there child to walk alone it wouldn’t learn to walk properly..

Ofcourse!! This is not in all family.. in some family I know..parents are whatever you want type..this much freedom is also not good…otherwise… everyone knows the today’s generation,very dirty..,still many say it as a fashion,forwardness etc. I don’t come to know what is the forwardness in it and what is the practicality they see in it..

 I don’t know where this is going to be end???



Hello!!once again..

Since two days i am listening the song from film by A.R.Rehman.In it it there is a song said””Ahm..Brahmasami..””

The statement means,””Shiva is in me(I am Shiva),Brahma is in me(I am Brahma),Vishnu is in me(I am Vishnu),Krishna is in me(I am Krishna)””. The Actual line of the song is like this,””Mujh me Shiva hai,Mujh me Brahma,Mujh me Vishnu,Mujh me Krishna,Phir me Kahe Mandir Jaun””.

The line is perfectly correct.We all know that the God is within us though we always try to find him outside. Some say the God lives in the Sky,Some say in the water(Ocean),some say in the deep earth, some say in the air, some say in the fire and so on..

But exactly what are these five things i have mentioned above. these sky,earth,water,air and fire are nothing but the elements that make the human.So by seeing this way also the God stays within us.

Yes!! he is within us. When the human is in problem or say going through some critical conditions then only the internal strenght within human make him strong. The friends and the parents and the supporters are only the medium that inspire the one to getout of the problem. But the only one has to fight and make the problem in to success. No one of our colleague come to solve or to fight for our problem.

When i was in school in my town at VANSDA, one of my sir has told us that if  Tiger come infront of you than not only you but also Tiger is afraid of that if you are not going to hurt him. At that instant the Tiger does not has the sense that he has much strenght than the human one. The same thing is applied to the human also. In the time of trouble he always use to pray for help to God such that the God will come or send one of his volantire and the problem is going to be solve. I am also one them. It does not mean that i am writing this thing i am the perfect one. I am also a human!!!

But i am wirting this because i came across many of times of this things. I am not a good writer but only trying to share the things i had observed and i am telling you people today as i come to remember this thing by listening the song that i have mentioned above.

The great people like Swami Vivekananda fing there strenght that lies within us and executed it to the people and make the people to find there strenght also. But the People llike him comes only once in an era.

My main point is some of the people loose there faith in them so fastly. They just want the other people to solve there problem or want the God to show the other alternative.The God is our internal strenght,nothing more than it. The happiness keeps you sweet, the trials keeps you strong,the sorrow keeps you human, failure keeps you humble and success keeps you glow, but only the faith in yourself and the attitude keeps you going.

Indian Engineering Academy

Hey!! I am in hyderabad right now as i have mentioned in my first blog. Here in ACE Engineering Academy,i found the people come from almost all the region and from all the regional.

I have my two of the friends from Orissa and Kerala. Today was my fourth class and we sat for 6:00am to 1:00pm in the class. Eventhough we love India but if we go out of our region,we first generally try to find the people from our region. This is the mentality,if we finf them then it is like heaven for us.The same i did.

I am staying in Gujarati’s area as I am from Gujarat. I have arrived in hyderabad on the 18th of June and since then i was thinking that if i’ll find the Gujaratis in my batch or not. My class started from 20th june on sunday,holiday genarally.

Today was my fourth class and today i found two gujaratis. And i was feeling like if i am not alone.

Eventhough i found my region people i sat with my two friends,one from orissa named Sabhya and the other from Kerala named Alex. They are my good friends.

As i told earlier that though we love india we generally like to have what we need. Only the problem is with the food. The people here generally eat the rice in meal and not only the Gujarati,the people from other region also did the same complaint of having daily food as rice. For me I am fed up of this rice.

Tough i am not satisfying by having food here, i like the people here in my class from different region. They have only come to have the teaching but thay are like mine. Everyone in the class are helping hands.Tough they find themselves to be more precise with there people,they are not like pull the leg of others:which is the typical indian mentality. If Mahendrasingh Dhoni bring us the Trophy then he is the hero and if he lost then zero,not like that here in ACE.

Here every student come to learm only and the faculties here is more caring and well mannered,especially my maths proffessor.

So my class covers almost all the Indian region except that of the north India portion with the different mentalities,such I find myself  not in ACE Engineering Academy but in Indian Engineering Academy.

Hello..friends….i am Jaydeep Mahida and an EC Engineer. I am verymuch thankfull to our friend Harshad (generally we know him as Madhav) for guiding me to make my own blog website.

Right now I am in Hyderabad,the city of pearl, for the GATE tuition classes in one of the most successful ACE Engineering Academy.

I don’t know that i’ll be one of the successful one or not but i’ll try my best to have the good rank enough to get the admission in IITs or NITs of India for the M.Tech.

I hope you all pray for me to have the best of mine.

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